Family Gatherings Recipes

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14 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Vegetable

Lightly breaded chicken in a fraction of the time. Make ahead for the perfect after-school snack or serve fresh on a busy weeknight.

6-8 Servings
5-13 minutes
Main Ingredient: Chicken

What’s the secret to a perfectly tender meatball? Bread! Fresh bread mixed with buttermilk makes these meatballs tender and delicious. Pair them with spaghetti and your favorite jarred marinara sauce for an easy weeknight dinner.  

30 Meatballs
50 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Pork

This vegan dish is perfect for your next potluck or party. Make it ahead of time, it tastes better the second day.

10-12 Servings
Main Ingredient: Grain

Refried beans and kidney beans come together with ground beef and picante sauce to make this satisfying chili in less than one hour.

4 Servings
35 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Beef
6-8 Servings
13-22 minutes
Main Ingredient: Bean

Fast, healthy, and surprisingly delicious, this salad is full of bright flavors from lime and cilantro. Even better, it comes together in a flash. Chill the salad a few hours before serving for optimal flavor.

8-10 Servings
Main Ingredient: Bean
20 Appetizers
5-16 minutes
Main Ingredient: Chicken
4 Cups
6-11 minutes
Main Ingredient: Nut
16-24 Servings
7-11 minutes
Main Ingredient: Other
8 Servings
30 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Fruit
3 dozen cookies
10-12 minutes
Main Ingredient: Chocolate

Everyone needs a decadent vegetarian recipe that will wow their friends! This dish is to be the star of your next dinner party!  Each bite is a perfect balance of creamy cheese, caramelized mushrooms, and rich truffle oil.  

6-8 servings
40 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Cheese
4-6 Servings
5-17 minutes
Main Ingredient: Fish

Even the best roasted turkey needs some gravy to go with it. Try this quick and easy recipe for a flavorful gravy that will be perfect on your turkey, mashed potatoes or stuffing!

Main Ingredient: Other

This decadent open-faced sandwich originated at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY. Toasted bread is topped with turkey, tomatoes and covered in a cheesy Mornay sauce. It’s the perfect use for leftover turkey from Thanksgiving.

Main Ingredient: Turkey
12 Servings
1 hours
Main Ingredient: Turkey
6 Servings
14-30 minutes
Main Ingredient: Turkey
6 Servings
17-25 minutes
Main Ingredient: Turkey
6-8 Servings
45 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Turkey