Candy Recipes

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Buckeyes are a classic candy from the Ohio region. They are made of a soft peanut butter center dipped partially in chocolate. The finished candy resembles a Buckeye nut.

5 Dozen Candies
Main Ingredient: Nut

Surprise your family with this classic bunny cake! It’s easy to put together and makes a perfect addition to your Easter table.

Main Ingredient: Grain
1 Pound
4 minutes
Main Ingredient: Fruit
20 Pieces
2 minutes
Main Ingredient: Chocolate

Chocolate and peanut butter are a perfect pair, especially when made into these truffles. You'll wonder how you ever lived without this recipe around the holidays! It's a quick and easy vegan candy that makes the perfect holiday gift.  

15-20 truffles
30 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Nut
60 Squares
6-7 minutes
Main Ingredient: Chocolate
1 Pound
Main Ingredient: Nut

This simple and festive candy-coated popcorn snack is perfect for entertaining. You can match the color of your party popcorn to the occasion. The options are endless!

12-15 Servings
20 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Other

As beautiful as they are flavorful, tart cranberries contrast wonderfully with a crisp sugary coating. Serve these cranberries alongside nuts during the holidays or give them as gifts. Or keep them all for yourself, we won’t tell.


9 Servings
9 hours
Main Ingredient: Fruit