Sandwich Recipes

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This Asian Pulled Pork offers a flavorful twist on traditional pulled pork. A homemade Asian spice rub packs tons of flavor as does the Asian-inspired sauce. 

12 servings
Main Ingredient: Pork

Crispy on the outside, melty on the inside, these Reuben sandwiches will be the star of your next party.

24 Appetizers
3-5 minutes
Main Ingredient: Beef

The goodness of a meatball sub in miniature form. These cheesy, garlic butter meatball sliders are packed with flavor and easy to make. They’re perfect for parties or the big game.  

12 Sliders
40 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Pork

This gourmet grilled cheese packs a powerful flavor punch. It’s loaded with caramelized onions, roasted sweet potatoes and two kinds of cheese.

2 Sandwiches
1 hours & 30 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Cheese

Elevate your sandwich game with this delicious turkey and pesto creation.

Main Ingredient: Turkey

This decadent open-faced sandwich originated at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY. Toasted bread is topped with turkey, tomatoes and covered in a cheesy Mornay sauce. It’s the perfect use for leftover turkey from Thanksgiving.

Main Ingredient: Turkey