Appetizer / Snack Recipes

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This recipe is simple, elegant, and versatile. Pass them around at a party or serve with a simple salad. They're sure to impress and will disappear quickly.

10-12 Servings
20 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Cheese
Main Ingredient: Vegetable

Deviled eggs are a classic recipe that are perfect for parties and other gatherings. This recipe amps up the flavor with fresh dill.

24 Deviled Eggs
Main Ingredient: Egg

Try this twist on classic deviled eggs as a simple party appetizer. Salty capers and shallots pair perfectly with creamy egg yolks. Finish them off with a sprinkling of paprika for a classic touch.

20 Deviled Eggs
20 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Egg

Thanks to this genius recipe, you can enjoy all your favorite flavors from a pub-style cheeseboard in every bite. Inspired by this Bake-Off® finalist’s cheeseboard order on a trip to Dublin, this creative appetizer features creamy honey goat cheese, white cheddar and flavorful salami baked to perfection inside our Pillsbury™ French bread. Served alongside classic cheeseboard accompaniments like dried apricots, arugula and fig preserves, this wow-worthy appetizer is a guaranteed hit at any party!!

8 servings
1 hours & 10 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Cheese
30 Servings
10 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Vegetable

Homemade empanadas are delicious and even better when you start with fresh dough. This light and flakey crust is mixed up in the food processor. Easy and tasty.

12-20 Empanadas
Main Ingredient: Grain
6-7 Cups
Main Ingredient: Vegetable
1 4-inch Cheese Ball
1 minutes
Main Ingredient: Cheese

This classic appetizer is simple and delicious. The secret is to grill the bread then rub it with garlic as soon as it comes off the grill. The garlic melts into the warm bread and leaves a subtle and not overpowering garlic flavor.

6-8 Servings
5 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Grain
16 Servings
8 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Cheese
4-6 Servings
Main Ingredient: Fruit

With just four ingredients you can have an appetizer that everyone will love. These ham and cheese puffs are easy to make ahead and perfect for your next party.

24 appetizers
30 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Cheese
1 Cheese Ball
Main Ingredient: Cheese

This zesty spread is sure to be a favorite at your next party. The sharp, salty feta combines with smooth cream cheese and herbs to make a flavorful spread that is perfect on crackers or veggies.

15-20 Servings
Main Ingredient: Cheese
Main Ingredient: Shellfish
2 Cups
5 minutes
Main Ingredient: Bean
8-12 Servings
15 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Cheese
8 Pieces
18 minutes
Main Ingredient: Chicken