Brownies & Bars Recipes

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16 Brownies
Main Ingredient: Chocolate
9 Servings
35 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Grain
16 Bars
30 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Chocolate

Rich chocolate shortbread is a decadent treat. To ensure even pieces, cut the shortbread into squares after it comes out of the oven, while it’s still hot.

18 Cookies
1 hours
Main Ingredient: Chocolate
8-12 servings
Main Ingredient: Chocolate
60 Squares
6-7 minutes
Main Ingredient: Chocolate
16 Squares
9-18 minutes
Main Ingredient: Fruit
24 Brownies
28 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Chocolate
36 Servings
24 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Nut

Cookies, fudge and Reese’s™ Pieces candy, all in one dessert? You’re not dreaming: every bite of this sweet recipe really IS bliss. With its Pillsbury™ Big Deluxe™ Reese’s™ mini pieces refrigerated peanut butter cookies base and quick microwave fudge filling, the hardest part about making this recipe will be waiting for the fudge to chill in the refrigerator—the rest couldn’t be easier!

24 bars
2 hours & 5 Minutes
Main Ingredient: Chocolate

These rich, cake-like brownies are full of chocolate flavor. Bittersweet chocolate combines with malty stout beer for moist and gooey brownies. Try pairing these decadent treats with your favorite dark Irish beer.  

8 Servings
Main Ingredient: Chocolate