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Bunny Cake

Surprise your family with this classic bunny cake! It’s easy to put together and makes a perfect addition to your Easter table.

Bunny Cake


2 baked 9-inch round white cake layers, cooled

1 recipe cream cheese frosting (from Perfect Chocolate Cake Recipe) or 1 can prepared frosting

1 7-ounce package of flaked coconut

Candy for decorations: licorice, gumdrops, jelly beans


Leave one of the cakes whole. Use serrated knife to cut remaining cake into 3 pieces. Cut two bunny ears from the left and right sides of the cake. The remaining portion will become the bunny’s bow tie.

Place the cakes on large cutting board or platter so they resemble a bunny's head and bow tie.

Frost cake with cream cheese frosting. Sprinkle with coconut. Decorate with remaining ingredients as desired. 

Chef's Notes:

You can tint a portion of the frosting with food coloring for a colored bow tie. Need more help? Here’s our step-by-step photo guide.